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IT infrastructure audit

It’s no secret that the existence of many companies depends on the operation of their information infrastructure. Depending on the business processes taking place in the company, the contribution of computers and related infrastructure is, of course, different. However, it is impossible to deny the fact that effective work of IT can reduce business costs, and its poor-quality work can eliminate the work of many employees.

Details of service

The current business is directly dependent on the stability of the information systems. Minutes of system downtime can result in significant financial losses. Depending on the business processes taking place in the company, the contribution of computers and related infrastructure is, of course, different. But in order for an organization to focus on solving target tasks, it is necessary to build a reliable information system and its professional service.

An IT infrastructure audit is needed for your business if it has evolved. Those. when it was created, there was no well-thought-out concept, and implementation took place as such a need arose or as the means (capabilities) appeared. In other words, at present IT infrastructure is a heterogeneous and decentralized system, which is poorly managed and its final state is unknown. The assurances of the current system administrator that everything is in order should not be taken on faith. After all, he works for a salary, not for a result. To secure and prevent possible sudden difficult faults, it is advisable to audit the IT infrastructure with more qualified and experienced IT specialists from the IT service.

During the audit of IT infrastructure, ALFA SUPPORT can offer you and your business a complete network survey, including the collection of information that can be used in the future to carry out design work on the implementation of the new system, as well as its analysis and issuing recommendations for improving the network performance in general and specific elements in particular.

Subject to the conclusion with the company ALFA SUPPORT contract for subscription services audit of IT infrastructure is free of charge.

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