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Services of specialists of the company ALFA SUPPORT

The computer system of any business structure must have information stability, as well as to be as protected as possible from outside. Comprehensive maintenance of computer networks assumes that the specialist will monitor the operation of the equipment, collect the necessary data and conduct a thorough analysis. Technical collection of the necessary information is an important aspect of setting up locally and its further administration.

An integrated approach allows you to realize the ability to work remotely with all computers of the enterprise. In this case, we propose to conclude to clients a lucrative contract for subscriber maintenance of computers.

Technical support

The computer network maintenance specialist performs the following activities:

  • setting up a local server;
  • diagnostics to identify problems in the system;
  • ensuring a high level of information security;
  • installation and subsequent configuration of equipment using modern software.

Each client can order the installation of networks of organizations and enterprises. We are creating a project of the architecture of the future IT infrastructure of the enterprise, taking into account all the specific features of the enterprise. At this stage, laid the level of information security. At the request of the client we can install the Internet network. Cable laying services are performed using advanced technologies and modern tools, which allows achieving the maximum effect in 100% of cases.

Subscriber services of computer systems and networks

ALFA SUPPORT company provides services since 2010. During this time, more than 180 successfully implemented projects in Moscow at various levels of complexity have been in our account. For most of our regular and new customers, we offer to purchase a subscriber package, which provides the opportunity to receive not one-time, but permanent professional computer support. In this case, the organization may not contain its own staff of IT specialists. The cost of providing services is much lower than the cost of employees (salary, taxes, arrangement of the workplace). For all types of work we provide a long-term guarantee.

Computer Network Maintenance

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