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One of the directions of our activity is subscriber maintenance of computers, actual practically for all companies of Moscow. Even in small organizations it is mandatory to have computer equipment, and sooner or later it will require maintenance.

PC service

The maintenance of computers of organizations involves the provision of a wide range of services for large and medium-sized businesses, among which the most popular are:

  • setting up operating systems;
  • update and optimize the OS and software;
  • launching mail tools;
  • virus scanning and malware removal;
  • administration of Windows servers, etc .;
  • installation of anti-virus protection;
  • storing information, copying and restoring a database from a backup;
  • connection of printers, network equipment, etc .;
  • assessment of auxiliary equipment;
  • creation of a local area network (LAN);
  • restriction of access to Internet resources;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • job preparation, etc.

In addition, integrated servicing of computer equipment in the office involves diagnosing computer equipment malfunctions and repairing PCs, troubleshooting, upgrading, installing software, etc. Timely IT support for promptly solving user tasks is an important component of your company’s successful work.

Benefits of servicing computers for enterprises

For questions about ordering a service, you need to contact ALFA Support specialists for a number of reasons:

  • providing high-quality and high-level service by professional experts with extensive experience. You do not have to spend your time training a full-time system administrator;
  • the possibility of choosing the subscriber’s package that is suitable in terms of volume and price
  • Responsible approach to fulfillment of obligations to the client, timely departure of our employees and problem solving.

You can calculate the cost of subscriber maintenance of computers for the organization using a calculator. Study our offers and receive personal consultation of managers on the terms of the contract by the specified phone number on our website. Leave a request for a callback, indicating your contact information, and we will contact you!

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