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Server maintenance in Moscow

Electronic equipment allows the system administrator to establish employee access to the Internet, receive and send emails to the company, provide remote access to employees of the company. A dedicated computer should function around the clock – this is important for the business structure.

Our service center in Moscow offers server administration to clients. Outsourcing services include the partial or full transfer of electronic equipment maintenance functions to specialists of a profile company. We are ready to interact with the staff of IT-specialists, but more often the entrepreneur completely transfers to us the responsibilities for servicing the server equipment.

A well-established scheme of work of Alfa Support employees minimizes the risk of breakdown and reduces the total number of failures occurring in the corporate network. Repair and adjustment of dedicated technical equipment takes place as soon as possible.


Today, we offer our customers the following maintenance manipulations:

  • diagnostics of hardware and software of computer equipment;
  • setting up various services;
  • installation of the necessary software for server uptime;
  • debugging security procedures that are responsible for storing confidential information constituting corporate secrets;
  • other related work;
  • repair of defective equipment on site or with delivery to our service center.

Subscription service of network servers allows entrepreneurs not to tear themselves away and not to burden their employees with non-core responsibilities, so as not to harm the efficiency of the company. Competently built enterprise policy will help to optimize costs and achieve high performance indicators with minimal time and financial costs. The cost of attracting professionals is adequate to the possible commercial risks.

Subscriber business support

The service of a one-time call of a specialist for the maintenance of technical equipment does not allow solving a number of topical issues. An Alfa Support employee, upon arrival at the site, eliminates only the visible problem, without diagnosing the entire running system.

Cooperation on an ongoing basis involves a number of advantages for the client:

  • optimization of the server, which allows to significantly increase system performance and ensure stability;
  • conducting a security audit to fully protect the information stored on a powerful computer; 
  • data backup. Details of commercial activities (suppliers, customers, products) should be stored in multiple copies, which allows you to quickly resume work when the main equipment fails;
  • operational customer support. The employee attached to the company carries out almost round-the-clock monitoring of the situation, eliminating and localizing the problems that arise in time.

Remote Maintenance Option

The cost of maintaining and repairing network servers is much lower than the cost of an entrepreneur for maintaining a whole staff of IT specialists. The price of Alfa Support services in Moscow is at a fairly acceptable level, which allows many business structures to seek the help of professionals.

We offer our customers the option of cooperation in the format of remote access. What does this mean? The customer service arrives at the call on the spot, gets acquainted with the situation, assesses the volume of services provided. On the territory of the customer works are performed that are designed to restore the system to work and get remote access to the server.

In the future, our company will cooperate remotely, constantly tracking the work of technical equipment. If necessary, adjustments will be made to its work. The price of service maintenance in this format will be the sum of the number of computers connected to the local network.

Maintaining hardware running Windows and Linux

The staff of Alfa Support 24 employs employees with the necessary knowledge that allow you to administer servers running Windows and Linux software. Both one and the second system has the characteristic features of management, therefore, only specialists with sufficient practical experience of these works can cope with the service.

Without knowing all these subtleties, an inexperienced programmer may incorrectly perform the configuration, which would entail the loss of valuable information and the disruption of the entire system. We offer our customers qualified maintenance, regardless of the level of complexity of the tasks. The cost of the work will be calculated by the representative of the company on the spot.

Advantages of cooperation with ALFA SUPPORT

Ordering services from us, each client receives a number of indisputable advantages. We constantly monitor the cost of work of capital competitors, so our price for server maintenance in the company is competitive. All problems are solved promptly and with a 100% quality guarantee. Each order is worked out in detail by the staff of the company, which improves the efficiency of repair work. We offer free expert advice and the possibility of remote maintenance.

Server maintenance

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