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The specialists of our company constantly improve their professional skills, learn from foreign colleagues and try to achieve maximum results with minimal financial and time costs from customers.

Today, a system administrator for organizations is a very convenient and financially advantageous service. We are ready to provide services on a regular basis with the conclusion of a subscriber maintenance contract or to arrive promptly upon a customer’s call.

The service includes a whole range of services that allows you to maintain the company’s computer infrastructure at the proper level, minimizing the risk of unplanned disruptions and the loss of valuable information that is necessary to achieve your business goals.

Comprehensive service from ALFA SUPPORT

The cost of providing services to the system administrator depends on the volume of the proposed work. Employees of the company are able to perform:

  • maintenance of personal computers associated with installing the necessary programs, antiviruses, cleaning the system, correcting deficiencies in its work, consulting;
  • service and setup of server hardware. From the operation of these devices directly depends on the decision-making in large enterprises. Great attention is paid to the safety of corporate information;
  • configuration and debugging of the local network. In any modern business of the company there are several computers, the number can be even a hundred. To automate the production process, ALFA SUPPORT employees will quickly create a network connection and configure its high-quality operation;

– office telephony service. IP communication is now quite common in the business area in Moscow, so loss of mobility can cost the company dearly.

The cost of system administrator services

The price of services from qualified professionals is at an acceptable level and provides businessmen with greater benefits than maintaining their own staff of system administrators. Employees of the company – it is the payment of wages, the arrangement of the workplace, the deduction of taxes. The cost of administration is not comparable to these costs, so it is a more profitable investment.

In order to provide a service to the client, we individually and comprehensively work through each specific task in order to achieve the efficient operation of the IT infrastructure of the enterprise. The main advantages of cooperation with us are:

  • the speed of service requests;
  • well-developed strategy for creating an effective computer system in an enterprise;
  • security created by local networks. We achieve a high level of security of documents, thus avoiding external attacks;
  • experience. Qualified employees have the necessary knowledge and great practical skills.

Professional system administrator “on call”

ALFA SUPPORT offers a full range of services aimed at servicing and creating invulnerable IT infrastructure of the enterprise. The company has been in the information market for more than 10 years, having successfully implemented 180 projects of varying complexity during this time. Positive feedback from satisfied customers is the main proof of our competence and high quality services. The cost of service is at an acceptable level in comparison with other metropolitan companies in this area.

System Administrator

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