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ALFA SUPPORT IT Services Limited provides around the clock support for all Clients as standard. Whether you are a small start-up, a medium sized firm or a large organisation the timely support of your systems, whatever their scale, is important to keep your company operating effectively.

We offer competitive and flexible support packages centered around what works for you and your business. Unlike other consultancies we don’t just offer three packages and hope that our diverse Client base fits into just three defined groups. We understand cost is paramount – that’s where we start our discussions and see what we can offer that works for you.

Whatever size your business we recommend talking to us to see how we can help. We often find that small and mid-sized companies try to perform IT support in-house for as long as they can, until it becomes too difficult to manage. Unfortunately, by this time, the level of assistance they often need is much greater than if they had received limited but specialist support earlier on. With outdated and incompatible systems, their support packages may be much more complex than if they had received a little help, guidance and support when they were starting out and expanding.

In short, we find that outsourcing some or all responsibility for IT support to specialized providers makes business sense whatever your size. With new technologies improving productivity, reliability and security, holding off receiving specialist support can be more damaging than you think.

The Service Desk is a group of technical analysts that handle requests or incidents from enterprise users.

Flexible Service Model

ALFA SUPPORT philosophy includes having a “Flexible Service Model” which adapts to the client’s requirements and focuses upon fulfilling the SLA terms, all without sacrificing technical and economic competitiveness.

The ability to easily adapt generalized services into turnkey solutions tailored for the client has become one of the most important competitive advantage ALFA SUPPORT offers.

  • Increasing user satisfaction
  • Reducing support time and costs
  • Fulfilling service-level agreements
  • Supporting users in their time zone
  • Reducing payroll costs
  • Using key IT personnel in critical business functions
  • Keeping the organization up and running

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—with remote access to user requests regardless of time zone.


English, Russian and Ukranian. 

ALFA SUPPORT has been offering IT services and solutions to large domestic and international enterprises. Overtime, we have evolved into a company with a service support model that is streamlined and scalable to help you minimize the business impact of incidents within the infrastructure. As a result, our ability to significantly reduce and measure support costs on hundreds of thousands of incidents per year. has resulted in a significant reduction of users and key IT personnel having to perform support activities.

Service Desk Model

A fundamental part of our contractual obligation to our Service Desk clients is the service-level agreement (SLA). It specifies the goals that must be attained for the different KPIs. These agreements are reviewed each month.

For the proper functioning of a Service Desk (help desk), it is necessary to have a technology infrastructure that is ready for the large volume of calls, and which has components that facilitate the continuous service in case of disaster scenarios.

ALFA SUPPORT has a remote-enabled 2 support centers located in Saints Petersburg city and Moscow City, with the infrastructure and processes necessary to provide world-class support for our clients.

ALFA SUPPORT has a Service Start-up unit that is charged with migrating the client’s existing processes over to the ALFA Service Desk(help desk). Once the transition is complete, service operations are assumed by the account service coordinator.

ALFA SUPPORT has a process that promotes data security and confidentiality, and which strictly adheres to national laws regarding the protection of personal information.

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