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Service value

This service consists in transferring some of the functions of autonomous support of computers and other information systems to employees of a third-party company. IT service organizations and companies is the main activity of this business. The quality of the services provided by our experts directly determines the profits, so we try to constantly improve service.

The low price of outsourcing, for the calculation of which the IT calculator is used, allows business owners:

  • release employees from non-core duties;
  • concentrate the strength of workers on the achievement of business goals;
  • reduce the cost of maintaining full-time employees.

ALFA SUPPORT is able to fully perform work that relates to setting up and maintaining computer and server equipment, creating and maintaining corporate sites, and protecting commercial information.

Service organizations in Moscow. The main tasks of outsourcing

The proposed service aims to achieve several main goals:

  • support of information infrastructure implemented in the company;
  • design, testing and implementation of modern automation systems, which will optimize costs;
  • dynamic development of the created IT systems.

To solve these tasks, a whole range of activities is used, the cost of which is affordable for many capital companies. We offer expert advice, the distinction of tasks: from complex and urgent to easy. ALFA SUPPORT guarantees its customers a prompt solution of problems related to the recovery of computer systems and servers.

What does the cost of IT outsourcing include?

The service we provide includes:

  • organization of full service for all components of the information structure, including computers, printers and peripherals;
  • work with servers that have certain characteristics. Only specialists with extensive practical experience are familiar with their device and programming;
  • implementation of high-performance communication solutions, both within the organization and for communication with customers. It is about setting up IP telephony, which has managed to prove its worth;
  • maintenance of communication systems. Profit of a company directly depends on lines for communication, therefore professionals should be involved in setting them up;
  • virtualization of office space that optimizes the process of doing business.

To calculate the approximate prices for IT outsourcing in Moscow, each client can use a special calculator presented on our website.

Benefits of a comprehensive service

Every businessman in Moscow knows how to count their money. And he is ready to pay for those services that will help to further increase his profits. The price for the execution of work calculated through the IT services calculator allows the client to forget forever about non-working computers and printers, failures in the work of corporate telephony, and programs that interfere with work.

We offer our partners tariffs for IT services that are affordable by metropolitan standards, supported by numerous positive reviews from grateful customers.

ALFA SUPPORT has been operating in this market segment for over 5 years. During this time we have successfully implemented 180 projects, fulfilling our obligations to hundreds of clients. The company has 20 highly qualified employees who have the necessary knowledge and extensive practical experience.

IT outsourcing

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