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Service 1C

1C is an effective electronic metering system suitable for enterprises of various profiles and sizes. To maintain it in working condition, professional service is required: regular updates, focus on data protection, backup, take-over to a remote server — and many other services.

At ALFA Support, you can order a comprehensive service of the 1C program with a typical or individually developed structure and configuration. The clients are certified programmers from 1C programmers, operators, system administrators and other specialists.

Our pricing policy is simple and transparent, and the experience in solving any problems related to the software products of this group is sufficient for the confidence of small and large enterprises.

Our services:

Selection of the necessary program configuration

In order for you or your staff to start working with the 1C system immediately after installation and configuration, and there is no need to refine the configuration, an initially competent selection of a software solution is required.

Consulting the client, our employees:

  • they clarify the accounting of what exactly is to be automated in order to find a program with sufficient operational complexity and a suitable structure;
  • remember the growth prospects of the customer’s company, so they try to select 1C systems with the potential for expansion;
  • find out how many employees will work in the program in order to build the necessary number of licenses into the project;
  • find out whether the client will approach typical functionality or the configuration will have to be finalized prior to implementation in order to eliminate inhibition of business processes in the company.

We successfully solve both standard and atypical tasks in the field of enterprise automation, timely and carefully approaching the initial search for 1C configuration.

Software installation

The selected program must be implemented – install, configure, debug – in the company of the customer.


  • check whether the current type and version of the operating system on the customer’s computers meets the system requirements of the selected 1C system configuration;
  • We install the latest release on the computers of employees, along with the protection drivers. For the network version of 1C, we also configure the data protection server.
  • set the Address Classifier;
  • explain to users how to run the program, how to use the backup function;
  • justify the need for periodic maintenance of the 1C system.

Scheduled update of databases (if you have an ITS subscription)

The company “1C” regularly updates its solutions, and we recommend that customers who subscribe to the ITS, try all the new features offered by developers.

The advantages of a timely update of databases by our specialist:

  • fast transfer of a company with business processes automated in the 1C system to current versions created with due account of regularly changing RF legislation. The result is minimization of tax and other risks.
  • development by the company of new mechanisms for working with the program, which have already been implemented by 1C full-time developers, that is, saving on configuration modifications with its own efforts;

Configure data backup

One of the main criteria for choosing software for any company is the ability to create backup copies of databases. Viruses, surges in the network, random actions by some of the users – and significant information can be lost.

This will not happen if our specialist sets up automatic data backup or shows how to create and synchronize backups manually.

Timely saved information can be quickly restored without disrupting the course of business processes in the company.

Providing a remote server for 1C database operation

In order to access the databases of the 1C system from any computer, you need to install and configure a program on it and transfer these databases to a remote server.

We provide our customers with this service so that they can evaluate:

  • savings on equipment (there is a rent of space on servers in our DATA-center) and its maintenance (it is not necessary to expand the staff at the expense of people who will monitor the equipment);
  • data storage security and privacy;
  • the ability to work in the system from any device connected to the Internet, regardless of its distance from the customer’s office.

Renting space on a remote server is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized companies.

Service servers 1C

We work with clients under a service agreement, in which we include:

  • software updates on the server and quick fixes for failures in 24/7 mode;
  • monitoring of logs for detecting errors and warnings automatically left by 1C;
  • round-the-clock monitoring of the health of the program, the availability of open access to databases;
  • timely backup.

ALFA Support provides a variety of IT services. You can contact us for IT outsourcing, computer maintenance , installation of SCS and LAN and other services.

Обслуживание 1С

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